Ten gevolge van een techbnische storing hebben op de praktijk in Wageningen momenteel geen internet. Hierdoor wordt onze mail niet verwerkt en worden de afspraken op de afsprakenapp niet bijgewerkt. U kunt ons telefonisch bereiken op 0217 412444. Er wordt momenteel hard gewerkt aan een oplossing. Onze excusses voor dit ongemak.


M-Visio is a therapeutic centre that offers a wide range of therapies that help you to live your life being in touch with things. You are in the centre of attention as a person. A team of expert and involved therapists is available for you. They work, together with you, towards a situation in which you are free of complaints, or at least to reduce your complaints as much as possible.

Body and mind

We feel that body and mind are closely connected and that is why we offer a range of different therapies.
M-Visio offers you:

Is it unclear which therapy you need?

We are happy to advise you on waht therapy will suit you best. If necessary we will refer you to a specialist outside M-Visio. After all, most important is that you regain your vitality and balance! 

Why would you choose M-Visio?

  • You are in the centre of attention, in your particular situation
  • We offer many different therapies, for all ages
  • We provide you advice on the therapy that fits you best
  • If necessary, we refer you to other specialists
  • We offer confidential and involved contact